Lavish Birthday Party For Hanli, Malaysia Top 100 Hottest Women 2016

A Luxurious Birthday Party

This year 4th March, A Malaysia top 100 hottest woman who was nominated in 2016, Hanli celebrated her lavish birthday party. 

About Her

Photo from Hanlibubu Instagram

She is working as a project manager in Fastevents Malaysia and has 6 years of modeling experiences with passion of music and dance. Hanli is even nominated as one of the 100 Most Wanted Women in the World listed by FHM. Her name is well known as Hanli Bubu in Instagram.

In Her Birthday Party 

Birthday parties in this century consist of dessert table, customised birthday cakes, customised birthday banners and beautiful decoration. These are quite common nowadays which mummies and daddies also plan for their children, whether is doing big scale or small scale. Hanli’s birthday party was one of the kind that most girls will desire to have and dream of. 

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These cupcakes look so lavish and beautifully designed, furthermore is edible! But i think i will not bear to eat them.

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Cakes are the most important focus in birthday party and guest will pay more attention to it. Hanli’s birthday cake is so beautiful! Some birthday cakes i have seen can make into branded bags such as Chanel bag, Hermes bag and many many more!

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Customised balloons for her! 

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Photos screenshot from her Instagram

I believe she had fun in her birthday party as well as her guest. I wish Eclipse Party Sg can plan such parties for customers in future 🙂

For more information, you can visit this website below to learn more about her luxurious party!


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