Airbrush Tattoo


How are Airbrush tattoo created?

Airbrush tattoos are created by placing a stencil on skin & the tattoo ink with an air brush. It is a temporary tattoo stickers to paste on body, hands or legs.

Are they safe for kids?

Yes! Our Air brush tattoos are clean, non-permanent, waterproof and effective.

Which event are suitable for airbrush tattoo?

Airbrush tattoo service is great for your kids birthday party, corporate event, private event, RCs & CCs or even dinner & dance!

Is it easy to remove the airbrush tattoo?

They are very easy to remove. You can simply use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to remove them.

Can we customised our designs for events?

In Eclipse Party Sg, our airbrush tattoo service provides pictures full of design for our guests. We are also able to customised corporate logos for your company marketing purpose.

Airbrush Tattoo Service In Singapore

1 hour for $180

2 hours for $300


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