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9 Years Old Birthday Party

Last weekend, Eclipse Party Sg did a birthday party for a satisfied mummy and it was a success planning her daughter’s birthday party!

The mummy hired us for the basic party package which is unavailable in our website anymore because we have new and exciting packages up for grabs!

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Anyway, Rayanne’s mummy hired us for 2 x balloon columns, 50 air-filled balloons on the floor, 30 minutes of games hosting and 1 hour of face painting. The party went smoothly and most importantly, the guest and the mummy are happy with our services!

Let the pictures do the talking!

2 x balloon columns

Beautiful face painting by Eclipse Party Sg’s professional face painter!

Look at the photos! you should know how happy the kids and the mummy were.

We did a video to bring you through the entire birthday party, the mummy’s satisfied testimonial is behind 🙂

Eclipse Party Sg Birthday Party Packages Singapore – Birthday Party Packages Singapore

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Eclipse Party Sg | Wedding Balloon Arch Decoration

Hi all!

Recently Eclipse Party Sg did up a glamorous balloon arch which have a pair of wedding couple hanging on a swing on top of a balloon arch. The balloon decoration is not the usual type of balloon plain arch but it is decorated with alphabets which are hand sculpted as well.

Look at the photo below, looks gorgeous isn’t it? 

This balloon arch is for my friends, Deroy and Bernice. Joey, the founder of Eclipse Party Sg wishes them a blissful marriage!

I have done a short clip to show how my customised balloon arch is done. Enjoy the video!

For other balloon decorations (click the name below to view the pictures)
Balloon columns
Balloon arch
Balloon backdrops

Lavish Birthday Party For Hanli, Malaysia Top 100 Hottest Women 2016

A Luxurious Birthday Party

This year 4th March, A Malaysia top 100 hottest woman who was nominated in 2016, Hanli celebrated her lavish birthday party. 

About Her

Photo from Hanlibubu Instagram

She is working as a project manager in Fastevents Malaysia and has 6 years of modeling experiences with passion of music and dance. Hanli is even nominated as one of the 100 Most Wanted Women in the World listed by FHM. Her name is well known as Hanli Bubu in Instagram.

In Her Birthday Party 

Birthday parties in this century consist of dessert table, customised birthday cakes, customised birthday banners and beautiful decoration. These are quite common nowadays which mummies and daddies also plan for their children, whether is doing big scale or small scale. Hanli’s birthday party was one of the kind that most girls will desire to have and dream of. 

Photo taken from

These cupcakes look so lavish and beautifully designed, furthermore is edible! But i think i will not bear to eat them.

Photo taken from

Cakes are the most important focus in birthday party and guest will pay more attention to it. Hanli’s birthday cake is so beautiful! Some birthday cakes i have seen can make into branded bags such as Chanel bag, Hermes bag and many many more!

Photo taken from

Customised balloons for her! 

(P.S. Eclipse Party Sg also can do this.hehe)

Photos screenshot from her Instagram

I believe she had fun in her birthday party as well as her guest. I wish Eclipse Party Sg can plan such parties for customers in future 🙂

For more information, you can visit this website below to learn more about her luxurious party!


If you like what you see in Hanli’s birthday party, feel free to contact me @ 96981304 for free consultation!

View my beautifully crafted balloon decoration and skilful balloon twisting. If you are planning a party in the next few months in Singapore, we do have affordable children party packages in Eclipse Party Sg!

See you in the next blogpost!



Most of the children nowadays celebrate their birthday parties with super hero, frozen or cartoon theme with a minimum budget of not more than $5k either to hire kids party planner for entertainment or plan the party themselves but this mom in Shanxi province in China spent $157,000 on her 2 years old daughter’s birthday party! 2 YEARS OLD! I have some rich friends who are willing to spend about $4k for their 21st birthday party, book a luxurious hotel, sumptuous buffet, musicians, customised birthday cakes and invite a lot of friends to attend. But $157,000 for a children birthday party is really to the extent that i have never thought of. 

Picture taken from

The theme of her birthday party is fashion walk. The mother purchased the extravagant wardrobe from all over the world, spending over 1 million yuan, or $AUD204,177 (US $157,000) on the lavish outfits and staged a fashion show for her daughter’s birthday.

Picture taken from 

She also rented a hotel foyer and a runway to use in Taiyuan,a Shanxi province. The 2 years old girl wore all the famous brand Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Burberry during the fashion show with a photographer to capture their catwalk in the party. They both wore matching outfit for the catwalk.

Picture taken from


Picture taken from

She will grow up to be a rich and fine lady!

Want to have a birthday party like that for your child? Eclipse Party Sg can do it for you for an affordable rate with our affordable party packages!

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5 Venues in Singapore for Children Birthday Parties

Hi all!

I am Joey, the founder of Eclipse Party Sg.

I have found out the top 5 venues in Singapore which mummies and daddies like to book for their children birthday parties! Previously, my post was the 5 important tips in organising children birthday parties, one of the important tips is venue. So i have researched some venues to hold children birthday parties.

1. Kidz Amaze

Kidz Amaze is not only a indoor playground for children to play but also a great area to host children birthday parties. Kidz Amaze’s birthday party rooms are beautiful and have different themes like butterfly, under the sea, pirate, galaxy and etc. They have friendly staffs to host games and help you in the party. Their rooms can cater up to 70 guest. You can check their website for more information! Is a fun place to host your children birthday parties!

Website :

2. Katapult

For those who like trampoline, Katapult is the right place to host your parties! Singapore’s first trampoline park, Katapult offers 14,000 square feet of jumping fun for children and adults. They have freefalling 3 metres onto an airbag and an Olympic trampoline for wall running. Slam Dunk lanes and over 30 interconnected trampolines. It was truly an eye-opening place to be in! Katapult also have a indoor party room for children to host their birthday parties. The location is easily accessible. You just need to alight at Khatib mrt station and walk for 10 minutes, you will reach orto. A fun place to host your children birthday party!

Website :

3. Pororo Park

It is a fun and educational indoor playground.

It is themed playground after the award-winning top Korean animation ‘Pororo the Little Penguin’. Pororo park have train rides, ball pool, jungle gym, and so much more activities! You can get up close and meet and greet with their Pororo mascot and take a picture with it for memories! Your children will surely have an unforgettable birthday party in Pororo Park!

Website :

4. Eat Play Love Cafe

Eat Play Love cafe is a cosy cafe which is good for small to medium group of guest. I does not recommend entertainment activities as the space is very tight in between but balloon sculpting or face painting is still ok for the cafe. They have a wide range of 80s to 90s type of old school candies which triggers your grandmother’s memory. Visit their website for more information!

Website :

5. Tiara Society

Tiara Society is an interesting place for children to have fun. It is like a dream land for girls to be in the party. This place has different fairy-tail and princess costume for children to play and dress up as their favourite character. Children, especially girls will be fascinated with the items inside as it is literally as real as what the movie shows! It will be memorable for the children definitely. Do check out the website for more pictures!

Website :

After reading all the 5 venues for children birthday party, which is the one that you like? 

You can accompany entertainment services such as balloon sculpting, glitter tattoo, magic shows or face painting to enhance the party even more.

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5 Important Tips For Planning A Child’s Birthday Party

Birthday parties are great for boosting any child’s self-esteem, making them feel like kings or queens on the day itself and celebrate your child’s important day. But how should you start with?


Theme is one of the important factor in a birthday party as i think that with a theme, the party will be more fun and exciting. Imagine entering a birthday party with an organised theme, like the most popular among girls, Frozen theme, among boys will be superheroes theme and other themes like construction, princess and etc. Theme is usually choose by the birthday kid himself/herself as is his/her birthday party eventually 🙂 With a theme, parents can organise invitations, decorations, games, crafts and food easily.


Most of the parents in Singapore have their children’s birthday parties in condo function room because is big and easily accessible. Choosing a venue is a headache because is either fully booked or the location is not good enough, space is not big enough. I will recommend cosy place like restaurant, playhouse, chalets or your own home 🙂


Decoration is a must in a birthday party! How can one forget to decorate for a party. You can either order balloon decorations like balloon arch to place outside the entrance of the party, balloon columns to place on the left and right of dessert table, balloon backdrop for kodak moments or helium balloons to fill up the room! Other decorations can be dessert table instead of a cake on a plain table and customised banner on the wall. 


Depending on the age group in a birthday party, entertainment is actually important. for 3 to 9 months old’s age group, i don’t recommend any magic shows or face painting, whereas balloon sculpting is still acceptable. For 3 years old to 6 years old, kids magic show, face painting, balloon sculpting, games or other entertainment activities are suitable for them and they will have a lot more fun in the party. Eclipse Party Sg provides lots of party entertainment activities, do contact us for more information!


In a birthday party, i don’t think anyone will forget to order food and buffet for the guest. Food is extremely important in a birthday party. In Singapore, i will recommend Neo Gardens for buffet, i think everyone who read this post will agree that their buffet is one of the best in Singapore 🙂 If you do not want buffet, you can get some light refreshment like sandwiches, cookies or cupcakes. You can also hire food stations like ice cream cart, hotdogs machine or churros machine. 

Having headache planning your child’s birthday party? Fret not because Eclipse Party Sg can plan everything and anything for you! Eclipse Party Sg is a kids party planner based in Singapore which provides almost everything that you need for your child’s birthday party. Do give us a call @ 9698 1304 for your availability and what do you need in the party.

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